National Game

The National Game is a project that explores football as a social and cultural phenomenon, lengthwise and crosswise Argentina.

In most Latin American countries, especially in Brazil and Argentina, soccer is a powerful passion. It unites people from different social strata, genres, cultural backgrounds in a rank that goes from men and women who suffer poverty since birth to people from the middle and upper classes.

In Argentina particularly, soccer works as a social equalizer. And that means that if two guys have huge differences between each other, as religion, origin or whatever, when playing football these differences are deleted, and they are bonded by this unique moment. In a country with huge social differences, football works as a very important factor of union between people who, otherwise, had never been united.

Boys playing in a slum, men in a private neighborhood, girls facing a final match, guys gathered in a rural area, crowds celebrating in a derby match, blind people feeling the game more than anyone; all these situation are bonded by the strong passion for football in Maradona’s and Messi’s land.