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For most people, being a football player is associated with success, fame and often money. In Argentina, the image of football player is usually something desired, dreamed for much of the male population and object of desire by the female population.

This story is away from the popular imagination. Without pay for the work, only 20 dollars reward for a win, without the broadcasting on TV or signing autographs. Anonymous trainings Monday to Friday and very demanding competition on Saturday. What motivates a group of men from 18 to 34 years old, working 9 hours a day, every afternoon to go to a training with the same requirements as a professional?

The protagonists are the players of Puerto Nuevo, a football team that competes in the last category of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), "D". In 2010 Season, the club could not participate in the tournament because it had been dis-enrolled, a rule which sentence that the last team of the last category is unable to participate during a year of official competitions. In 2011 Season, the return was not the expected, and again after being the worst team of the season, condemnation and ostracism to oblivion awaits for one year. Despite all the adverse situations that they are going through and the effort that means to hold it, every Saturday these men go out to the field to continue to fulfill the dream of being footballers, at least for 90 minutes.